You are to blame for the rage of your wife to you? Five key questions about Angry wives

Angry wife

Angry wife

Who is angry me or my angry wife

I’ve heard a lot of men complain, “my wife is angry with me!” Living with a spouse or lover not angry is very funny. If your wife is angry with you, life can be miserable and naturally you want to do something about it. Take a look at these five questions.

Why is me angry wife after me?

This is the question of many men, but it can make things worse.In all likelihood, your wife has already said what’s annoying her. you become even more upset when you ask, “why are you so angry with me?”You can say to you, “I said, but don’t you listen and that makes me even more angry!”

What keeps you from hearing what your angry wife says that when you talk to her on you anger?

Men are often “Mr. FixIt ‘” If there is a problem, for example “my angry wife hate me,” Mr. Fix It will work to try to improve things in the same way that he would go about fixing a flat tire or the sink clogged.

Problem is that your wife is not a piece of pneumatic or hydraulic systems.She is a living entity with a lot of emotions. To resolve the problem of anger in your angry wife that you might need to move your thinking about how to resolve this problem.

You have active listening skills to practice with your angry wife

In many cases the answer to this question is, “No.” our culture doesn’t teach men to listen actively, especially for business is emotional.Active listening does not try to resolve the problem that the person has, in this case the anger of your wife. active listening directs simply set aside all other thoughts and focus on the person you’re listening to.

Proof that you have been listening is mandatory and that comes when you say back to wife ti you are what you heard her say.It is not enough to say, “I hear you.”You must prove to the spouse or partner, that indeed you heard what is upsetting her.

Are you willing to stop defending yourself and justifying your behavior?

If your wife is angry with you and it has something to do with what you’ve done or not done, will help to cool his anger if simply listen and not defend themselves.After you’ve heard her out, rather than explain why you did what you did that upset you, instead, they say, “if I were in your shoes, I feel the same way you do.”

Even if you have to write that last sentence and read it aloud to your wife angry, I guarantee, some of its heat dissipate.

When was the last time you do romanced your wife and as fact?

The old song says, “you don’t bring me flowers anymore.”Boys often think of marriage as an event. they are married and you’re done. thereafter shall take the relationship discounted and forget that, as a garden, a son or a pet, marriage is a living entity that must be watched afterwards, cared for and nurtured.

Wives often are angry because they feel taken for granted and overlooked. bring her flowers, tell her I love, set dates and trips with you … all those things which thou hast done to judge you at the beginning of your relationship. and you have to do these things courtship regularly throughout the duration of the marriage; if not, you run a great risk of she’s being your angry wife for a long time.

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