What to do when your child or teenager is Really Angry

It is sometimes as parents we forget how challenging growing. One of the greatest difficulties facing our children and adolescents is to get a grip on their emotions. When things are not going your way (as many adults) our children can be flooded negative emotions.

One of things difficult to deal with the emotions of our children is that while we want to support them, can be difficult if you are planning their negativity towards us or other family members. The first step to respond to your emotional child is to look at their own emotions.Remember that there is little point in engaging with your child if you already feel stressed and anxious for you mismo.Si you participate while to feel strong emotions yourself, will only be ignited the negativity that already exists.

Therefore if you are an emotional reaction to his excitement, take a second 30 “time out”. Breathe deeply, ask yourself what beliefs trigger their own emotions, and then choose to let them go.Replace any unpleasant feelings that were experimenting with love for yourself and your hijo.Si you are not able to let go of his emotion – simply the name of emotion and apologize to their children or adolescents, for example, rose really would like to support him now, but I am feeling very accented or overwhelmed. Names without blame to relieve the tension, which then allows you to take the next step more correctly.

Once you feel more in love with you and your child, the next step is to not accept their imposition blame you or that being treated badly due to the way in which it sienten.Cuando this happens usually coach parents ask you kindly that his son is going to your room, if they want to be negative towards others in his family. Sends a message clear to our children that while it’s okay for them choose to be angry, frustration, sad etc. It is not very trying to inflict and blame their emotions about other people at home.

It is essential that this time of ‘expected’ is not delivered as a punishment. They are just maintaining the integrity of the House while giving your child space land, reconnect with themselves and transform their emotion. They are acknowledging that you are the only person that can change your emotional state and will be able to do this, if they are not blaming other family members.

If your child is having difficulty reaching through the other party can appreciate his loving presence.This must be done very respectfully. Of approaching them sure that you feel at peace. If you are not, allow approximately minutes simply breathe and let go of your negative emotions.Do this with his breath and observe negative thoughts and beliefs about you and your child and let them go.

Once you are at peace, ask your child if you can come and sentarse.Si say ‘no’ respects your wishes (unless they run the risk of harm to themselves and their home!).If you say ‘yes’ simply come and sit with them also being aware of respecting its space.You may request to share are feeling if you gustarĂ­a.Si unwilling to speak, only to be present and feeling love, joy and peace within itself give them space to share and transform everything what is happening to them.In this way is both curing.

To accompany this article there is a video and audio from the author to discuss ways of anger Deal With Children [http://www.theliberatedparent.com/page/77145/default.asp].

About the author

Dixon Hammer is a life coach for the past 10 years has been working with children, adolescents and parents to discover the most effective ways of more simple to enhance and transform their vidas.Es the author of The Parent freed [http://www.theliberatedparent.com] course online.

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