What is Depression Symptoms

Depression Symptoms

What is Depression SymptomsI feel like i live in another world so tells me it is depression symptoms, I simply don’t understand how I can be depressed. When I ask people how this can be depression, they ask me if I am angry at everything, only see the dark sites – never feel happy.

My answer is yes I mostly see the sadness the dark and almost always look for the negative things instead of the good bright moments, maybe that is right, so many be I have all the depression symptoms – maybe i am depressed.

I my eyes I am just not like everybody in the street, I am just different – depressed may sometimes but I don’t feel it is a condition I am in all the time, I see all the negative things, yes I think so but I have done that my whole life – I am a thinker – I have alway been.

Some tells me that I have all the depression symptoms, maybe I have, really I don’t think there is so much to be happy about, I just see the world I live in falling apart – financial crisis in all countries, many people lose there jobs world wide, how can I forget all this if I am a citizen in the world.

I have all the depression symptoms yes maybe, all my friends have this feeling, many don’t see a way out of all the problems we are in right now. Can anybody tell us when the world will recover from the crisis – so we can see growth, happy people, new job, youngsters who can get a job, families who can secure there investments or houses – when will this day come – nobody can give an answar.

Where do I get the depression symptoms from

Looking at the stock market, and the forex is also negative – think everything right now is down, and it make a lot of people depressed, but not me I don’t have anything to lose, but I see the problems all the crisis make, many people can keep their houses, cars – they lose every thing.

Depression symptoms – maybe

Depression symptoms yes maybe, I will try to find some more light inside myself – I will try to use meditation – find my inner I and look at the brighter sides of life – can I do that…. I simply don’t non, but important I can try right.

So for now I will try to find myself, and get rid of the depression symptoms find myself through meditation.

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