Tips to Win Back a client Angry – part II

The suggested do and not list:

Example scenarios and make and not for each:

client: the client is screaming,

Possible meaning: the customer is satisfied with their products or services.

Never say ‘It is not my fault,’ ‘ why is yelling at me?’«I can not help you if you are yelling at me!» «I can hear him/her because he is screaming too high!» «Enterprise policy» or I ‘ I can’t help you.’

Displaying all customers of empathy!: ‘ I’m sorry, that should be really frustrated. “The key is to listen carefully to the complaint and who really understand their retransmission problem. His work consists of everything it can to satisfy the customer do.If there is nothing you can do to help, advise the customer that you need to speak with your supervisor. In doing so, show client although it has no authority to help them try to help them.

Client: client complains about products

Does not imply that it is client failures. “” You are the first client has this problem. “””I have never received complaints on this issue.””Follow the user manual?”
Do: “I regret listen that they were having problems with our products.” and try their best to help customers solve the problem.

Client: “as it is called the last time, you still have not fixed the problem.”

Possible meaning: expected this matter could correct last time.Don’t trust your company continue to never through.Your company is trying to scam me?

No: “you cannot speak with me directly the last vez.Si watched, would have fixed the problem.”

: “I apologize for any inconvenience this has caused to him.””Let me fix this problem for you now, so you’ll be satisfied.”

Client: “when the client is impatient

No: client kept on hold for a long tiempo.También not state, “we’re really busy, and you just have to be patient”.

Do: ask apology for the inconvenience and thank you for your patience.Ask if they would prefer that return the call with the information. even if you still need more time to solve the problem, call them as promised earlier in the conversation, and update them with his progreso.Realizar track and credible.

Client is angry and said, “I want to cancel my order“.

Possible meaning: I’m upset by poor service and misleading sales tactics.
No: “well, then cancel your order”.

: “I regret to hear that.”However, I have the opportunity to correct this problem for you, you are satisfied and we turn this into a no problem.”What could I do this for you?”

Client: Call or show only 5 minutes before the closing store.

Don’t blame the client to come at the last minute.

No: “our warehouse are close in five minutes, so you need to withdraw the registration or license.” or “I can’t help you, you must come in the next time you earlier”.

Instead, client feel welcomed, but let them know your time is limitado.Pruebe one of these responses:

: “I mean not hurry him, but our store will be closed in 5 minutes. How may I help you make a final decision or answer any questions you might have?”

“What I am sorry I can not solve their problems today, so I can I have your contact information so that I can get back with you tomorrow?”

“Sorry I need 20 minutes to solve this problem.””” What please come when I have enough time to give individualized and uninterrupted service? “””What could call again in the morning when I get the information you need?”

Client: calls and requests the information your company such as how many employees have or what is the gross income of the shop, etc…

Not respond odious, avoid comments such as “none of the business is, and we do not give this information to customers”.

Instead, the client feel appreciated for wanting information. let Les know that your time at the address information is limited and try one of these responses:

: “What siento.No I have information. we are a BBB company State acreditado.Hemos in business for over 10 years and thousands of satisfied customers around the mundo.Somos very efficient and will respond promptly to the needs of all our customers within 24 hours and we also offer our referencias.Estaré happy to help you with any questions.”

Client: Seems to various questions regarding the same issues

This may indicate did not receive a sufficient response to your inquiry, and the problem still not resolverse.los customers may not know ask appropriate questions, which must guide them to make sure that the problem is resolved.

Pay attention to their clientes.clientes questions questions for a reason. for example, if requested many detailed questions about your warranty, you can listen actively and feed back information to make sure that you understand the problem.

No: respond with impatience, “Let’s here a couple of times.”

OJ: “It sounds as you have a concern about the guarantee, i.e. correct”? what “why we are not going to review their concerns, let’s start by you tells me exactly what your needs are”.?

This allows the client to feel that are being taken seriously and that worries realmente.Este approach also could evolve into an opportunity to increase sales to sell extended warranties.

If you reject his pitch to increase sales, you still want to give them time limits for the extended amicably in the event that warranty change their minds at a later time.

No: Unfortunately, respond “has lost the great”.

: “I understand, is not interested in the now extended warranty, but you can purchase guarantees extended within 3 months of purchase of the button.If wish you, I could contact 2 weeks before the expiration of the period of three months.”

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