Thus, We Get Angry and how to Control Anger

IRA is an emotional distress which should be activated and you can not become a powerful rabies. People have died from the wrath of the country or a group of leaders in the creation of war or acts of terrorism. Spousal abuse, maltreatment and street fights are some of the effects of anger that have gone out of control.

Usually a person gets angry not out of choice but out of provocation.The challenge here is to not allow provocation to influence our emotions and do things I regret more later.If we have a problem in the management of our anger, we must learn to control it before it controls us.

What causes anger? we must identify the triggers before we come to how controlarlo.Cuando understand where it comes, we will recognize and stop the symptoms.

* Frustration due to obstacles to what you want or need.

* Pain and discomfort

* Our angry children environment

* Personal insult

* Enormous ego

How we control our anger? no we can control how and when angry, but we can control and choose what we do with our anger. If we know that fly out we handle it easily, there are ways that we can do to manage it.

Expressing IRA isn’t necessarily unhealthy, provided it is constructive and serves as a warning. When an anger is removed during a long period of time, the possibility of further damage when the IRA is finally released.In society that we live in it is waiting for us to remove or suppress our anger so be aware when you choose to keep something inside, either exceed forgive or leave to his feelings known with calm.

You can choose to walk away from a volatile situation to give us time to recover and reflect.You will begin to see things in a different perspective when you have time to cool off.Why sweat him and used much energy in this world already stressful?

Go to drink a glass of water, as water has healing properties.Go lie down in some place and leave that it focuses on the negative scenario.Stop giving power to the ira.En some religious beliefs, anger is the same devil.Located just above your head and encourage you.Disallow that his anger to reproduce.

Forgiving is forgetting and still cierto.Es is a simple and powerful way to release the toxic system.Say aloud that nobody has the right to offend you without your permission.When you forgive someone, excuse yourself too.

Try to look at it with a sense of the humor.La laughter is indeed the best medicina.Otra way is through meditation, where seeking peace, clarity and the selfempowerment.O can release anger for exercising or walking sells.

Make a self-assessment and establish what situation makes you angry? if the ego is always the cause of anger, address after your ego.Querer always be right not grants you the right to be enojado.Sin however, if you feel that it is beyond to overcome their anger by yourself, get professional help.

There is no problem of shame, if what you are doing will help you and the people around you.

Anger control is possible once you decide you want to control it and don’t let that be controle.A foot, think, laugh and perdonar.Si gets too hard, seek help from alternative medication or healing.

Noraini Maskuri is a veteran of the advertising, writer and owner of business neto.Ella is passionate about helping women and provides advice and wisdom of women to help themselves through selfempowerment.

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