Living life as a MOM Mad – hope and help for Angry moms

I know first hand was life equals an angry MOM. I spent almost two years trying to control my temper and failing miserably. Feuded with someone close to me for me really take a good look, hard in the mirror and realize that the problem was bigger than I. My anger was out of control. Had become someone that I do not recognize and my family was suffering due to it.

Shortly after this confrontation, my children and I were in the Office because one of them was ill. After verification, because the doctor was preparing it go I mentioned it briefly had been struggling with anger. I remember saying: “I do not sad or depressed.” Very angry… all the time. “Knowing us for quite some time (in fact delivered to my son), gave me a prescription for a depressive and me to test it to see if he helped to wanted that.”Really wanted ayudar.Quería to be a good mother, a mother, loving, and this time I felt an ogre.

Anticipate a couple of years. I was not already taking antidepressants and anger remained a problem.One day, during an appointment with med-student (gone in because my hands were swollen), she decided to check my levels of thyroid due to some other symptoms I described as weight gain and exhaustion. proved that the things that I took were part of the normal life of a mother (does that MOM isn’t over-tired? do and many of us still carry around a little ‘baby fat’ right?) were really a medical problem with my thyroid. I am delighted to say that after one year of treatment, I am on my way to be “normal” again and rage is no longer a problem.

For me, was a medical condition. For other mothers can be postpartum issues, sequels to light or a traumatic event in his life that changes of fun loving women know themselves angry as mothers of stress.If you relate to any of the above, read on to some tips that can help you find help… and I hope.

1 Getting help – the first step, of course, is to recognize that anger is something that is struggling with and it is possible that can not handle it by its cuenta.Se is an enormous obstacle for me and looking back, I wish I had done much before. Make an appointment to talk to someone that trust – a close friend, his pastor, a doctor, a counselor or someone who can help you find the cause of your anger.

2. Make Sure They Hear You – I made the mistake of mentioning my anger to our family at the end of an appointment for one of my hijos.De physician as a result, did not have time to spend with me and because it relies on what I said – that anger was the only symptom knew-made went ahead and put me on Prozac instead of having come me back to a projection.

Not what hice.Haga an appointment for you. Go, sit down and explain what is feeling and experiencing. In my case turned out to be something that not is has been able to help Prozac – my thyroid.

3 Take care of yourself – when you’re dealing with anger, one of the best things you can do is to give yourself a break. Build some time in your schedule for taking a walk, a bath or something more to help you relax. If you need to vent, call a friend or even write on paper only for some of the wrath of his system (make sure pull angry notes in the garbage).

4 Be honest with Yourself – looking back I can see that he was caught in the game of pretending that everything was fine rather than leave it to my friends struggles that it was having.I had to get to a place where I was forced to be honest, with me, with God and with those around me.I can tell you first hand that was a huge relief – a burden lifted from my shoulders – when I was able to sit and height honestly about what I felt.

5 Leave that help people – another error I was thinking that I needed to be super mom.Needed to ensure that all together and be able to do everything.In recent years I have learned that it is well should not be good at everything and okay so others help from time to time.And now I am strong enough to come and help others.

Had disease for me to pass the rules which it had been held in mi. took to reach the point that I hardly could lift the bed for me go and get angry and frustrated by long time ayuda.Estaba what needed to be due to not be myself reaching for ayuda.Si you see in any of the above, please please send me an email or reach out to someone confíe.encontrar hope today!

Jill Hart business career began in his teens when he spent a summer working with his father who ran his own negocio.Cuando put in charge of a Coke machine and allowed to keep profits, saw the benefits of being your own jefe.Ella is the founder of the popular mentors in http://SuccessfulChristianWomen.com .Jill business owners and working in the Christian Home CWAHM.com Web site also is a co-author of So You Want To Be a MOM work-at-home (Beacon Hill Press, 2009).

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