It is better to meet a mother Bear Who Has Lost his Cubs than to meet a person of Angry

We all know how angry that a bear can be obtained if someone has had her baby Cubs. Needless to say, don’t want to get in their way. But did you know you would best meet the angry mother bear to meet one person perpetually angry? This here.

The Bible teaches that a person who cannot control his anger is dangerous and deadly.

Proverbs 17: 12 – Let a stolen bear her whelps meet a man, rather than a fool in his folly.

In fact, the Bible teaches that a person who cannot control his temper is a foolish person. It is just a nice way to say that you are a fool.

Madness fool can be many things, depending on what is his weakness. If your weakness her lust and then his downfall will be adultery or other sexual acts. If weakness of a fool is greed, his downfall could accumulate money or work too. But if a fool weakness is his temperament and he cannot control his temper, the Bible says that it is better to meet a bear which has been stolen from their baby, puppy, we meet a man can not control his temper.

Why?Since this type of person is dangerous.We are seeing more in our generation now than in any previous generation.We have all kinds of rabies imaginable.We have anger carretera.Contamos with rabies shopping.We have children going on abuses in the escuela.Nos we eaten with rabia.Los threatening people not able to control themselves is becoming increasingly apparent in our sociedad.La Bible teaches us that it would do it.

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