I am not an Angry father – Anger management

I am not an Angry father

I am not angry

Anger management is very important to his life. The boy is so angry cannot control himself. Although it is not hard work but you still have to understand how some small steps will give you a great result. After applying these steps, I found some profound results in myself. It’s not as if you have to take pills, or go to any master of hypnotism.

What is anger?IRA is an emotional state that can vary from less than intense irritation rabia.Ira has discrete external cause.

Causes of anger:

1 End of relationship
2 Breakdown of social life
3. Health hazards

I know that this happened to me the year  I don’t know what happened to me in that so angry slapped my friend in his face. The next day I feel so much about this incident and the cry much. is really my fault or I am crazy?

I m not a madman, but yes I am so irritated that got emotional and struck an amigo.En that moment, I don’t know how to handle anger but now I know and I can tell you.

Steps for managing anger:

1. Stay calm and silent.Take some deep breaths to calm down.
2 Do what you want to do.I mean to say that if you like something, go through and begins to feel bien.Como I love pasta, pasta to eat and play some video games.
3 Get out of the place where you are angry with .Es because when he saw the person, you want to become angry and beat him.Therefore to leave that place.
4. Best friend technique: this is good technique and I know how much funciona.Si you have a best friend or any person adorable, then go on that person, and share the same reason of anger.After you completely tell it, you feel free and relax.
5 Go ahead of the mirror and say to himself that “I am a good chico.I m not an angry man.”Do this for 10 times, and will start feeling well at that exact moment.
6 Say thank God for everything in your vida.Dios created and te amo every vez.Él always helps but never grateful for what they are doing for you at any time.
7 Be positivo.Empezar to read a book you like most.

These are some techniques that are useful for anger and improve yourself.

Improve yourself and be positive for anything.You anything you can do any wish.Reinvent your inner child.http://researchersofwisdom.blogspot.com

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