I am Angry at Myself Being Naive

Angry being naive

Angry being Naive

Angry me

Thank you for making this site, http://www.angryweb.com will be a place where I will go to get rid of all my frustrations and my anger; I am already much better Smile. Many visitors tell me this, I am happy to help people with there anger.

I had a good company I started to earn good money, and the future looked great for me and my products. I am a Technical guy, so not interested in a job as CEO in my own company “funny”, so I asked one of my friends to help me with all the administrative work, he was good at this had shown that from other jobs, so it was easy to make him Director in the company, it was much easier for me, not use my time thinking administrative tasks. I am good at developing, innovation and environment. Often I get angry about paper work so it was good to give that work to my friend.

I had a wish to expand my business to the whole world so we can help to cut down on pollution and drinking water reuse for industrial use.

Angry to use time on shit

To expand to the whole world I needed some capital and was looking for investors, and I was lucky to find some I thought was great for me and my business. Often people like what you selling and developing, but they don’t say so, they sound like they don’t care about the products – but their eyes tell a totally different story – they like it and can see the potential, but they want to have everything for free, sometimes I get angry because of this, I simply just want to have some money, have papers so I am protected, and work on the solutions – not so much acting – hate it…

I sold 50 % of my shares in the company, and we had some money coming to the company, so now it was just to start the adventure.

After a year a Indian guy stopped me on the street and told me that one I saw as a good friend was cheating me, I dint believe him and I just said yes ok mister, Thank you for the warning, and then I just forgot everything about this.

The company needed more money, so we had a meeting in the company with the share holders and they could inject more money into the company, but there were a downside on this, I lost some of my shares, but was promised an opportunity to buy my shares back to a fixed price when we started to earn money, so it was ok for me, I just wanted to have my business growing. But in a way I could see something was wrong, but I didn’t see the problem at that time, I felt angry inside because I had this feeling but couldn’t see any problems…

Angry losing every thing to a cheater

I worked every day, no holidays just work, so everybody was on summer vacation, but I was working so I was working on a offer to a customer and I was looking for some prices in our old files,  than I saw some invoice’s  They was from some companies I never bought anything from, I thought it was wired because it was me who ordered all the equipment and all the spare parts, so I looked a little more around and I found invoices for over 200.000 USD I didn’t know anything about, one of the invoices was to a company owned by the directors Father, another was to a company located in a street who is not in that city, so I knew than that this is not good. I called our accountant, lawyer and Chairman of the board. Now I started to get angry at myself, my family, all people was target for may anger.

They came next day all of them, and of cause my dear friend had stolen all our money. The board of Directors didn’t want to go to the police and they made a deal with this thief. So what was going to happen was a new injection of money and I lost everything, Think 5 years work, just down the drain, I was so angry that I could have killed whatever I meet on the way home.

I am sitting back with a bad taste in my mouth because I think it look like the director and the chairman was in on this Robbery.

The only people who earned money from our operations was our Lawyer and our Accountant company, and very funny it fits with all my thoughts, the lawyer and account company was together with our chairman in all their investments.

One of the investors a very hard business man but I am convinced than he is fair and hornets, but this guy earned a lot of money by selling his company, so he used this team, Chairman, lawyer and account company, there was a younger guy to he heritage his money after his father, I think he used the chairman in my company as an consultant to help him invest his money, sorry for him he did lose a lot of money on all his investments, the same for the other investor he also lost a lot money, when I think at all this shit, I am 100 % sure that the chairman cheated everybody in the group. Every one I talked to at that time have know he was a thief but nobody said anything, every one was angry and didn’t tell that the guy cheated them for a lot money, so thank for that – I lost everything – so i am angry as hell.

They invested in other companies as well, one produced small submarines to seafloor survey, and another investment was a company who produced doll movies for the television broadcast station in our country. Both companies were closed after the money was removed from the companies. The submarine company was had a lot money donated or lent from our government, just a few month after this the company closed. All money was gone, so there is a pattern but nobody do anything, I am damn pissed about this.  One day I will set names on all the persons just to tell you and all you friends to keep away from persons like them. I am writing this so I can start a new life, i dont want to be angry inside all the time day and night.

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