How to Recognize Anger and Handle with Anger Management Techniques

Anger management techniques

How to Recognize Anger and Handle with Anger Management Techniques

Anger management techniques

Anger is a feeling that has to be recognized outright. Anger could be a start of something deeper, like rage or violent actions and reactions. You’ve got to control your anger, because it has the ability to control you. You can learn to control it with our anger management techniques book.

Anger is best recognized

Anger is best recognized and best controlled if it is more understood. The first step in better understanding anger is to know what the types of anger are, all kinds of anger can be controlled by our anger management techniques. If you know the cause of your anger, the better you can combat it. Here are the types of anger and a short description of what they are.

1. Behavioral Anger. This type of anger is comprised of aggressive and cruel actions. It inclines mostly on the physical aspect. It usually implies an attack towards the subject of the anger, usually a person. It is expressed through trouble-making, physical attack and defiance. Anger Management Techniques can help you with this problem.

2. Verbal anger.
This type of anger, on the other hand, merely uses words and not actions. It is expressed mostly by openly speaking insulting words and hurtful criticisms. Accusing somebody of a crime or of a wrong-doing is also an example of verbal anger. Anger Management Techniques can help you with this problem.

3. Passive Anger.
Passive anger is shown mostly through mockery, or through avoiding a certain instance. People who are displaying this type of anger are not showing their anger outright but are devising covert ways of expressing it. They do not confront a person or a situation. Anger Management Techniques can help you with this problem.

4. Self-inflicted anger.
This type of anger is the one that is directed toward a person’s own body. Sometimes, people showing this type of anger tend to starve themselves or eat too much, for example. These are the people into the idea of punishing their own self for something wrong they have done.

5. Chronic anger.
People with chronic anger are just angry in general. They are angry with their lives, with their selves, with the people around them and the whole world in general. They don’t necessarily have a definite reason why. Most of the time, they are just angry for apparently no reason at all. Anger Management Techniques can help you with this problem.

6. Judgmental anger. This type of anger would lead somebody to hurtfully shame the people around him, like his family, friends and neighbors. He expresses his anger by putting others down and belittling their abilities as a person.

7. Overwhelmed anger. This type of anger is seen on people that hate the situations happening around them that directly affect their lives. They usually shout or lash out at someone or something easily. They do so because that’s their way of relieving the stress and the pain they are feeling. Anger Management Techniques can help you with this problem.

8. Constructive anger.
This type of anger is the type that makes people want to go out and join groups and movements. And they usually do it because they wanted to do something to correct a certain situation. They wanted to make a positive change. And that’s the main effect of this type of anger. Anger Management Techniques can help you with this problem.

9. Volatile Anger.
This type of anger is the one that easily comes and goes. The magnitude of this anger varies too. It could build into a rage, or it could be a mild, sudden anger. It could explode abruptly, or it could go unseen. It all depends on the person controlling the anger. This type is expressed either by verbal or physical assault.

10. Retaliatory anger.
This type of anger is the most common one. Usually people get angry because other people are angry at them. This anger depends mainly on the other person. If your anger is due to a person lashing out at you, then you are guilty of this type of anger. Anger Management Techniques can help you with this problem.

11. Paranoid Anger.
This anger arises if a person feels, in an irrational way, that they are intimidated by others. People with this type of anger feel and think that other people wanted to take what is rightfully theirs. They are angry toward that person because, for one, they are jealous. Anger Management Techniques can help you with this problem.

12. Deliberate Anger.
This type of anger is shown by people who would like to gain control over a situation. They are mostly not angry at first. But they will be once you have shown that you are against what they have planned and what they would like to happen. They use anger to gain power over somebody or something.

These are the most common types of anger. Determine what type your anger is.

When Anger Leads to Abuse

Anger, although commonly felt and expressed, is never an emotion to take lightly. When it reaches heightened intensity, anger becomes wrath. And wrath, as most of us are aware of, is one of the 7 Deadliest Sins.

In the previous chapter we discussed the various types of anger.  Now let’s take a look at some of the causes and results.

Causes of Anger – Anger Management Techniques

A common cause for anger is the prevention or in completion of attaining our goals and desires. And since humans certainly have numerous and different goals and desires, anger can easily erupt at any place and time. It’s very common for people to feel frustrated and angry at the same time because both emotions are the results of their inability to achieve their objectives.

Another cause for anger is feeling inadequate and disrespected; humans normally feel furious when they believe that they are not being treated equally, fairly and justly.

Factors that Affect Anger Can Be Controlled by Anger Management Techniques

Fatigue – When we’re extremely tired, our minds and bodies slow down and this sometimes makes us unable to cope with problems that we used to have no difficulties solving. Exhaustion makes us lose our patience and temper more than usual.

Anger, Alcohol and Drugs

It’s a well-known fact that alcohol and drugs can have some very disastrous effects on how our minds work. And one of such effect is controlling our tempers.  Intoxication and the influence of drugs can cause us to become easily provoked and liable to have violent reactions to the smallest of things. Learn how to control with our anger management techniques.

Pain – Anger is a common and understandable effect of extreme pain. Because our mind and body are almost fully involved in finding ways to help ourselves.

Effects of Anger

Depression – Anger is often followed by depression. When we feel particularly irate, we tend to express ourselves very passionately. Afterward, when we recognize such outburst as abnormal, we end up feeling depressed and unable to cope with the reality of what we have just done. Depression is also another emotion commonly produced by blocked goals and desires. If you want to get control you anger do it with anger management techniques

Loss or Reduced Ability to Comprehend Logic

Anger also often makes us reasonable. It makes us blind to the truth and unable to accept what’s sensible and correct. When anger is the primary emotion being felt, we become less able to think and act rationally and in some cases, even our senses do not work properly because of extreme anger.

Increased Physical Strength and Courage

Sometimes, the effects of anger can be positive. When we are threatened, we may feel intimidated or angered. Anger gives us the power to defend ourselves against stronger elements – and even win occasionally. Lastly, anger gives us the ability to confront our worst fears. Anger management techniques is a way to control anger.

Violence and anger – learn Anger Management Techniques.

Sigmund Freud once declared that individuals may have a natural urge to become angry and violent when their goals are blocked. Although leading psychologists had formerly disproved this theory, recent studies have shown that people in general do have specific genes that contribute to the likelihood of violence occurring when anger is present. To get a better life without you anger problems you need to learn some good tehniques – anger management techniques can be you way out.

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