How to be assertive without angry procedures

No matter what kind of business we are involved in our
success is in part determined why deal with us as well
Personas.Tenemos present us as safe, decisive
and energetic.


Sometimes, however, our efforts to show our assertiveness
crossing the línea.Terminamos come across as rude and aggressive
or frankly belligerent.

We will clarify the most important distinctions.


In any situation where are their rights or space
violated, generally there are three options available to
you.You can:

(1) Be submissive, don’t say anything and fumes in silence.

(2) Be aggressive and hostile, that will probably only
fuel to the fire.

(3) With calmly and politely assert their interests.

Sometimes when we are forced to talk, we can easily
lose sight of the fact that we only want to stop the
offensive behavior período.No need humiliating to the
another person, nor do we need to humble ourselves by

This person does not even can realize any any fechoría.En
event, explosive, arrogant behaviour is never a good
first line of Defense.

People trust have no need or DESIRE BELITTLING others

Assertiveness is not trying to humiliate or deliberately
shaming anyone.The other party may well end sensation of a
little embarrassed, but not be tied with anger to you.

It is incredible how cooperative people can be converted into treatment
with respeto.Y is equally surprising how quickly and
will surely become not cooperative if you are being
attacked in any way, even with a subtle gesture, or a
exasperated tone of voice.


An old saying, maybe a little esponja, but there is still
It is true: “you can catch flies more honey than you”
“you can with vinegar.”

This bit of common knowledge cannot be as common as we
think. next time that a situation arises, remember that you can
Choose to assert their interests calmly and politely without
every angry or abusive.

Probably will be returned to your kindness and even if isn’t it,
increase their own sense of self-esteem and personal domain
a notch.

You can find these good feelings that create dependencia.Ahora
There is a habit worth having.

Rosella Aranda, editor and author, helps marketers limiting beliefs to escape and encourage the free confianza.Mini-course.[http://www.SabotageThyselfNoMore.com/go/Aassert]For solid type stimulus and motivation, climb aboard…http://Calling-All-entrepreneurs.com/go/t.cgi?AassertZ

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