Do you what to do if You Feel Angry on abortion?

A common response to women who have chosen the abortion is that they are “very angry”. This emotion of anger seems blind-side to a person who voluntarily terminated a pregnancy. What are the components of anger after abortion?

1) IRA is a natural part of grief loss. In an effort to get out of crisis mode, most women take not realizing that every abortion option involves loss.A natural reaction to loss is ira.muchas women believe that abortion is going to solve the problem of the moment, however, surprised to find that they are in the middle of an intense grieving process after the fact.

While choosing bring feelings of relief to be out of the situation, when the dust clears and crisis is more… oops! A clearly identifiable sense of pregnancy loss is spread to the surface.

(2) Are there are people involved in decision making that I am angry at?Perhaps there was pressure from prominent persons involved. I feel that I have listened to them rather than my own heart? Maybe I listened to my heart, rather than them? Either way, there may be anger directed at others or yourself.

(3) Am angry in my circumstances? All the “what if” a different time, a different place can cause a lot of anger. Perhaps there were financial or medical uncertainty that played in the decision. Analyze situational “vpt” components can cause a lot of anger.

IRA is a natural response to hurt and unmet needs or expectativas.Esto where real emotional aspects of anger that refers to a termination of pregnancy volunteers enter juego.Tal time, there was an expectation of pregnancy, or even an expectation that voluntary interruption would be the best answer. However, hurts perform there was a pregnancy and is now defunct. Feelings of betrayal or lack of support from a boyfriend could have. Or even more common feelings that choosing has betrayed a husband, a boyfriend, a parent, your own and, ultimately, a child.

What you do with all the emotions of anger in a situation of “vpt”?

1) Not things emotion. emotions filled do not die.Only obtain fills in other parts of your body.It may eventually be physical ramifications of not allowing that emotions. only was clamming pushes down emotion cause more damage as resentment, bitterness and depression even.Let yourself be crying.You can write or daily its enojo.Escribir letters expressing their true thoughts to important involved, including yourself.

(2) Not remain victim by blaming others.Throw your anger others by blaming them, is blowing sarcastic, or even up in them is not productively to express his anger on his vpt.This keeps only unhappy and detrimental to others.

(3) Take responsibility for their acciones.En ultimately you can drop a lot of anger by working through anger and the recognition that this decision was a major in his vida.Gran part of anger and emotions that you feel are all part of the grieving process.

Resolve and a voluntary pregnancy interruption processing can take time and resources should be made in an environment seguro.existen useful. got safe to talk to who will be favourable and not subjetivos.puede go on the internet and on amazon.com and find resources by typing in “help after abortion” people. only knows isn’t solos.Siempre there respuestas.Pasando by pain of the grieving process will help to frees you from feeling anger.

Trudy M. Johnson, M.A., L.M.F.T.

Trudy M. Johnson is a marriage license and family therapist in the State of Colorado Trabajó in a 1994-2005 national organization reach out to women with problems of pain and abuso.Su passion is to help restore health, since walking on his own voyage of emotional crisis through the use of a short intensive counselling marriages and women.

Author C.P.R processing ~ Choice and resolution

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