Dealing with an Angry child and aggressive

For parents, one of the most distressing to treat things is a child angry and aggressive. Draining le mentally and emotionally painful. And worse still, astonishes because of such aggressive behavior and how to handle it.

Not react or respond to an angry child.

Since his childhood, it teaches us not to express our anger, especially in public. However a true cause anger, as children that we might not ever show it, or at least not without that are made to feel guilty for what.Also as now, to parents try angry and aggressive children getting angry ourselves, sometimes unreasonable ellos.estamos reacting to anger with anger, feeling guilty about it all the time penalties are set.Invariably an angry child is likely to react negatively if we work hard with him.

The solution is that it is not that the child can never enojarse.Es an absolutely natural feeling that a child is obliged to take when certain things do not pass your solution camino.La is patiently answering these feelings and help children cope with them.

Easier said and indeed say?

Let’s look at some tips on how to help an angry or aggressive child, but before we must differentiate between anger and aggression.

IRA is a normal reaction caused by temporary frustration in the child.

Aggression is a desire for more frantic to damage or destroy and could indicate behavioural problems.

Help a child angry or aggressive to help themselves.

Respond positively to the conduct and thoughtful effort.Pay the praise for the child, thanks for coming to lunch without being remembered’, ‘ was very nice of you to help me delete the table plates, and were very good, sharing your toys with our visitor youth.This makes your child feel good about themselves and helps strengthen the positive behavior.

Young children will always try to show to adults who are trying and treat of involved them in their thoughts and activities.Parents who are most often very occupied annoyed by this and tend to brush to requests for its aggressive hijos.Comportamiento often thinks is a way for a child find attention itself mismo.Esto often manifests in the form of anger child. is a child begins to get aggressive, express interest in what you are doing and ask him to show that he is working en.Una simple display of affection, such as a hug can also help to calm the children down.

If a child feel temporary feelings of anger by not have failed to achieve something or do something to help children cope with these feelings of ira.En place react angrily, talk to him and nip the wrath of his capullo.Si child child is upset by not see a particular program, ask your reasons for wanting to verlo.Explicarle reasons for its not wish you verla.Hacerle see reasoning in its argument and offer better alternatives to what could be done in its tiempo.Por therefore are saying his son that is well be angry, but that there are better ways to express it.

It is the best way to deal with angry, aggressive children understand them, and then help them deal with their feelings, answering them with sensitivity and goodness, does not react to them to become the strict and authoritarian.

For more information about kids Angry and aggressive, meals healthy for children and how to raise healthy children in today’s society Go To Strong: about Kids

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