Angry people

For many years operated a company which was waterproofed with almost any type of structure, including residential basements. Each time that there was a heavy rain storm approximately three per cent of the jobs we filtered. We have maintained our guarantee, which means that we fixed these drips as soon as possible at no cost.

However, leaks laid all happen at once, which made it difficult to get them all fixed as fast as some customers wanted.Some of our customers were very inconvenience of esto.Le I told my staff to send people to me.

One day I heard a very strong bang and angry shouts coming from the front office. I went to see.There was a great man with a high over his head in a mano.Miré baseball bat and sounded enraged, irrational and dangerous.Several of the staff offices were shrinking of a wall.

I yelled, “said that I want your crew repair my House today!”Then added some threats stockings and language of poultry, followed by, “And I mean today!”

When approached to him again to me and shouted, “are you the head?”The bat is maintained.

Looked you in the eyes and said colloquial way, “seems it very annoying”.

“‘Re right to resist me molesta.Le people took my money into my basement waterproofing material and now has flooded and will ruin my carpets and paneles.Llamé tell immediately exit and solucionarlo.Por therefore you & % # * s tell me I have to wait four days.””I want that fixed now, today!”With him since the bat baseball down hard on one desktop computers, and then I knew what caused the bang he had heard.

I said calmly, “You still seems very annoying”.

“You would upset if you woke up to a flood in your basement?” cried, a little less strong.

“It seems still annoying,” I said.

“It would be so upset if did you just what I wanted,” dijo.Dijo this with a much more peaceful behavior.

“Ready to talk with me in a collaborative manner?” I asked.

Allow a visibly relaxed sigh and said: “Yes.”I could see that her voice and her form were almost normal.

“The first thing you need to do is put the bat in your car.”Then come right here and it will have my full attention.”We are going to come into my Office and take into account this.”

When he returned, he apologized to everyone there.Then we had a productive conversation in my Office, with a result that was satisfactory to both of us.

Situations involving angry people are a normal part of business and the most often vida.La, are not as serious as the one in this story.Here are some key tips on how to react.

Listening to the invective angry ?, threats and verbal abuse.Make sure all your attention is focused on listening and not be distraiga.No avoid contact with eyes.
? Don’t try to examine the issues that the person is angry about until after that have finished fully expressing their anger and they are quiet.
? Don’t react with anger or any other emotion.
? Wait one pauses and then say, “seem you very annoying”.Digo as an impersonal, observation totally neutral way with no indication of special sentencia.Prestar attention to its inflection, tone of voice and your body language.
? Is very important that you only speak apparent malestar.Nunca mention the word “rage”.Sugerencia never even think that the person is angry.
? Most will respond with something as, “You’re resisting right I am annoying!”
? will probably hear more angry language, but with less power and a threat of lower pitch.
? Say, “You still seems annoying” program.you say in the same way calm, neutral, observacional.Si IRA signs have not diminished in any way, then say “That still seems very annoying”.
? Can take several cycles, where the person expresses his anger and say that seem to still annoyances, before calmarse.Tener someone hear their anger and recognize so calm is reassuring.
? Don’t speak often ira.A will refuse to the person that they were angry, but just wanted to make sure we knew that they were upset.

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